10 Best website builders and their reviews

  The Jimdo Pro website builder has gained a lot of popularity which is due to its simplicity of use. This service does not contain the entire necessary features and functions, but then it is important since it has an advanced dashboard that is simple to use in creating a new website or making changes to your mobile website. It has 100 and more templates that you can choose from and customize them to fit to your business. The integrated drag and drop feature enables you to edit your website quickly and easily.


Rating:8.75 out of 10

   It contains many responsive themes that you can use in building your websites, which means that it is simple to migrate content from one template to another without having to start all over again. Its code cannot be transferred to another host. In addition, it allows usage of first party shopping cart which in most cases is uncommon for this range of a plan. Inclusion of PayPal here is of great advantage to you since it is a simple and convenient way to receive payments. The quality of support given varies with the plan you get. All in all its support is responsive and on time which only takes a few hours to react to the questions.

 iBuilt website builder service is less popular in website builders. However, it offers enormous tools that enable you to build a beautiful website. It has a variety of multimedia features, but contains some usability flaws. It has most of the tools but the drag and drop format is not receptive. It is not very discerning as well, and you have to depend largely on help guidance to lead you through the entire process.

 It has SEO keywords that enable you to add titles, meta tags, and keywords to your website, so that you can easily be traced and noticed on search engines. There is an option of showing social media, custom branding and Google Map incorporation. Publishing a website for a small company or business rapidly allows the outcomes to be shifted over to Google searches. It lacks ecommerce options as shopping cart and PayPal link are integrated only on the Essential eStore which is expensive.


Rating:8.25 out of 10

 It provides a host of multimedia features to integrate into your company’s website, including image galleries, animation, audio, blogs, video and social networking integration. It has the tools and features you need to create and host an excellent website for your company or business.

Note: Reviews & ratings are based on Tech Life Fusion experience about the above sites. The rating data may vary.

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