Health and Fitness Tips for Corporate/Busy People

What is Health & Fitness?

   Health refers to a state of total mental, physical as well as social well-being, not just the absence of illness or medical condition. Fitness refers to the ability to meet the needs of the environment and general surrounding. Regular exercise boosts health and fitness.

      Being a hardworking/busy professional perhaps means that majority of your time is exhausted in the office or traveling. Sometimes it can be hard to get time to do your usual workouts in, which is the reason why many professionals gradually get weary and out of shape over the years. 

      Creating time for health and fitness is one of the most essential facets of a healthy and industrious lifestyle, but then to many, it is the first thing that is pushed away when life gets chaotic. Many of the corporate people if not all, are well aware of how important health and fitness are to their day to day happiness, body image and performance. However, when children, meetings, social obligations and deadlines are calling, it becomes really hard for them to find time for their health and fitness aspects. 

     The following are the health and fitness tips to help corporate/busy people to live a healthier, fit and a happier lifestyle regardless of how busy and pressed you are:

Exercise Regularly:

      It is very important to come up with a plan of when to do the workout during the day. It does not have to be a whole hour to get the entire benefits of the workout, but then you need to break it down into short breaks when you are free. For instance, you can decide to have a 20 minutes’ walk in the morning to work, walk a little over your lunch break and walk a little in the evening on your way back home. This strategy of breaking your workout down makes it look less involving and short breaks appear more convenient, so you are not liable to skip exercising.

Take healthy food:

     A busy lifestyle usually lends itself to convenience of fast foods, which are normally not healthy. You need to spend a little time in familiarizing with fast healthy recipes that you can easily prepare regardless of how exhausted or tired you are at the end of the day.  Additionally, take two liters of water every day, especially in the morning take a lot with lemon to clear and freshen up your system.

Healthy hotels: 

   Settle in healthy hotels with gyms, healthy dishes options and try as much as possible to exercise more frequently. This is in relation to cutting down regular travelling, which is a great contributor to lack of exercise and overweight. According to a Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine study, commuting to work regularly can be advantageous to your work, but not to your health and fitness. This is because commuting to work 20 times and more per month lends poor health and fitness compared to commuting 6 times per month. Exercise alerts your mind, and so your work. Exercise sharpens your mind, so your work performance will advance by settling at healthy hotels, where regular commuting to work is required.

Be active always:

      When work schedules become tighter, it sometimes becomes impossible to get to the gym. Therefore, it is essential to make exercise part of your daily lifestyle regardless of your schedule as it will keep you healthy and fit. Make it a habit of being active throughout the day and avoid a lot of idle time. For example, you can squat while brushing your teeth, pounce while on the phone, rock climbing, ices skating, hiking, take the stairs instead of lifts or escalators, play with your kids, run instead of among other activities that will make you active.  Every small piece of exercise adds up, so be innovative.

Commute to work:

    If you stay near your offices, make your travel your daily workout. For example, run, walk, job or cycle to your office. This way you will arrive earlier and especially if you live in an area with bad traffic, this way will ensure that you reach your office on time. It is not necessarily for you to live close to your office to get these tips work for you. In that case, just get off the bus a few stops away from your office and walk or consequently, park some distance away and enjoy the morning air as you walk, run or jog to your office.

Wake up early:

      It may sound terrible, but then people who wake up early and exercise more often are more healthy and fit. To help you realize this, set an alarm clock to wake you up early before your daily chores begins, which will ensure that you finish you workout on time before you begin the rest of your day. To get more motivation, it is advised that you sleep in your exercise clothes so that in the morning you just wake up and go. 

Make good use of your lunch break:

      Besides being a great time to make up with friends and socialize, lunch hour is a great time for carrying out some exercises, so make it a habit and squeeze a few times in a week for exercise. An hour is enough time to hit the gym or even go for a walk. Research shows that people who take breaks to exercise from their busy schedules, are more productive than if they worked all day long and ate at their desks. 

Involve your family: 

      In many families, parents find it hard to make time for themselves especially when kids are young. However, children are very active and playful, so make it a habit of joining them in their activities and this will help a great deal in getting all the exercises that your body yarns for. For example, consider the following games with your kids: blast music, play tag, jump rope, dance, or take a family cycle ride. This is the best way to make health and fitness a family matter since you get entertainment, family and fitness all at a go.

Health and Fitness way forward:

    Merging your work and social life with your fitness life will bring the eventual payoff. It is advised to live a healthy and a fit lifestyle with your family and friends. For example, if a friend suggests coffee, try a something healthy instead like involving your mind in class. Always be active when doing things, like when holding a meeting with a colleague, you can decide to have a walk in the park as you discuss your issues, and you can chose bowling instead of drinks/dinner company meetings. This way will get you enough exercise, and ensure that even in tight schedules exercise is involved; therefore, you do not miss out on anything. 


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